Friday, October 17, 2014

2nd grade Letter Owls

These owls were made using letters of the alphabet....can you take a guess as to what letters we used? The tree branch is a letter Y, the owl's body is a letter U, the wings are D's and the orange background for the eyes is a letter B. Too fun!
To begin our assignment, students rubbed textures onto a piece of paper and then selected either the warm or cool colors to make a watercolor resist.
On day two, we started building the tree branch and owl. We made the bodies and wings and left the rest for next time.......We drew on top of old encyclopedia pages using a sharpie. I love the multi-media look!!
During the third day, we added the eyes and small details - ears, beak and feet and voilĂ .....our beautiful owls were complete! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kindergarten Cicle Improv

I began this lesson with an intention to follow along with a previous plan I developed a few years ago, but it grew into a varation and I am very pleased with the results.

On day one, students traced a variety of circles onto warm colored papers (I also included brown). I asked them to make at least five circles to place onto a piece of white art paper. We practiced using scissors and glue and learned about overlapping.

On day two, I set out egg cartons filled with cool colored tempera paints and asked my students to paint the white parts of the paper. We practiced proper paint etiquette and technique and learned where the background is located in an artwork.While the kids were away, I used a Chobani yogurt cup and black tempera paint to stamp 5 black circles onto their paintings (a little art teacher collaboration never hurts). 
On the final day, we experienced using oil pastels to color inside the empty black circles. We discussed making patterns in some sections of the paper too, like stripes. 
These turned out pretty coolio, don't you think?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

5th grade Word Bubble Designs - Adjectives!

This is an excellent design project for 5th graders and they sure got a kick out of designing a word bubble based on their personality! It was a nice way to get things moving in art class this year.
On day one, I provided students with a list of positive adjectives and asked them to choose one. We practiced drawing the letters in block/three-dimensional style for the remainder of class. On day two, we moved on to final drafts and I asked that a pattern be included in the bacakground or inside the letters. Everything was traced with a sharpie and crayons were used to fill in the letters. To finish it off, students chose an intermediate color to paint the background.