Room with a View (based on Matisse) by 2nd grade

I have always loved Matisse. 
He is a total favorite!! His bright colors, inventive patterns and overall compositions just make me H.A.P.P.Y! I think our paintings based on his window views turned out pretty great. 

I got the fantastic idea from (once again), Hope Knight, my friend and colleague at Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists. Hope is about the coolest art teacher in my opinion!

We just began our Matisse-inspired collages this week.....stay tuned!

Day #1: Students sketched out ideas for the window view after we looked at several examples.

Day #2: We used a brush to freely "draw" our compositions using paint and then added the color by mixing paints directly on our paper. This continued into day #3.

Day #3: We began with oil pastels for a few minutes to bring out and emphasize/sharpen details, then the paint was brought back out to finish these works!