2nd grade Giant Robot Collage


These extreme robots were built by 2nd graders over a four week period. They measure a whopping 18 x 24 - the largest art paper I have in the art room. 

Day one, students made a simple paper weaving using one warm color and one cool color. 
The next art class, students painted the large art paper with one color family, trying to fill the paper with patches of color (we used tempera cakes). 

Day three, we began to build the robot bodies - the weavings were glued down vertically or horizontally onto the paintings. I put out lots of 6x9 construction paper and students cut out and added a head, arms and legs and any other pieces they wanted for the robot. 

The final day consisted of adding details and patterns using sharpies and construction paper crayons/oil pastels. Some students also added a gear box and I think those were a great addition!