Stars in the Night Sky by 1st grade

A lovely project brought back out from the depths of my production example collection......stars in the night sky! I worked with the students a little differently this is what we did:
Day #1: For about 10-15 minutes, we practiced drawing stars on a worksheet I made. When confidence was built up, I gave each student a piece of 12x15 blue construction paper for the background. To begin the composition, I had them trace and cut out three large stars from white paper and glue them down onto the blue paper. White oil pastels were used to add 3-5 hand-drawn stars and a moon (if desired) in the empty space.
Day #2: We outlined our stars and moon using colored oil pastels, added some dashes for a twinkling effect and even colored on top of the white paper stars. Some students added in planets and other details. Black tempera cake was used on top of the background to create a resist look. Love these!